'X Sign Here' App Analyzes Signatures on the Spot

X Sign Here App analyzes a person's signature on the spot revealing behavior and personality traits. Just write your signature using a finger or stylus, then answer a few questions and hit "submit". The personality/behavior profile will be waiting on the results page.

Handwriting analysis can play a useful role in getting to know a few interesting details of someone's personality.
A signature doesn't tell us everything, but it does reveal a lot about the writer's self-image.

What does your signature say about you?

Our handwriting represents us, and our signature represents us best. Our signature is our trademark, personal logo and it reflects the personality that we portray to the public. It is our personal portrait. We practice and perfect our signature more than any other element of writing.
The X Sign Here App can reveal 300 personality possibilities and will evaluate a signature within 120 seconds after the signee answers 12 simple questions such as how the signature is written in relation to: space used, size, direction of the stroke, loops and circles, and the signature's finishing's.

Sample questions asked by this ingenious App are:
  • Define your signature style:
           - all cursive,
           - a fusion of print and cursive
           - all print
  • Which explains the way your signature slants?
           - with the top incline to the left
           - everything straight up and down
           - incline to the right side
There also are other characteristics that will be made available in future updates.
So download X Sign Here now @ $0.99 and enjoy!